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This quickstart is intended for intermediate to advanced developers. It only gets you up and running with Actyx.

Before starting, make sure you have git and Node.js installed on your computer.

  1. Install and start Actyx on your computer
  • Download Actyx for Windows
  • Double click and run through the installer
  • Start Actyx via the Start Menu; a tray icon will appear
  1. Now download and set up the quickstart project by running npm init actyx quickstart
$ npm init actyx quickstart
✔ Loaded starter project
✔ Installed dependencies
Type 'cd quickstart && npm run start' to run
  1. Once the set up is done, navigate into the quickstart directory and run it with npm run start
$ cd quickstart
$ npm run start

> [email protected] start
> ts-node index

Hello, World!
Hello 1!
Hello 2!

If you see messages starting with "Hello" pop up, everything is working! Press Ctrl+C to shutdown the process.


If you get this error please double-check that Actyx is actually running on your computer.

  1. Now you are ready to start programming on Actyx

Try editing the code in the index.ts file. Then save your changes and restart the node process.

What's next?

Need help?

If you have any issues, you are welcome to post in the Community Forum or join our Discord chat.