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Welcome to the Actyx Developer Website!
On this website you can find everything you need to get started on the Actyx platform. Why not start with our quickstart guide?
quickstart guide

First Steps

Discover these two sections about the Actyx platform and its products to get a first glimpse into the Actyx world.
Introduction to the Actyx Platform
Discover the Actyx platform and get to know it from in and out.
Actyx Platform Products
Learn more about ActyxOS and Actyx Pond and see how they interact.


Explore the Actyx products further and learn how to use them.
ActyxOS Documentation
Read ActyxOS Documentation and learn about the developer tooling we offer.
Actyx Pond Documentation
Learn about the Actyx Pond programming model and how to write applications on top of it.

Further Resources

Blog Posts
Read the most recent news and learn new things about the Actyx platform from its creators.
Read blog posts
Theoretical Foundation
Learn about what's underlying ActyxOS - distributed systems, event sourcing and the CAP theorem.
More info
Get first-hand support and answers to your most burning questions about the system.
Read FAQ

Getting Started

The fastest way to see the Actyx platform in action is to check out our Quickstart Guide. We also provide a half-day ramp up session with one of our engineers to get you started developing on the Actyx platform. If you are interested please contact us or join us in our Discord channel and we will be happy to help you set up or answer any questions you might have.

Stay informed