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Welcome to the Actyx Developer Docs
The place where you find everything you need to build awesome local-first cooperative software on the Actyx Platform.

What does Actyx do?

Actyx enables a new way of building software that runs across multiple networked devices. It uses edge devices' local capabilities and doesn't depend on any central components (servers, databases, or cloud).

Small pieces of code — they are called local-twins — contain the logic. Any app on any device can summon any twin at any time. Actyx automatically synchronizes the twins within the local network.

Why should I use Actyx?

Actyx lets you easily build resilient real-time applications that run across a network of devices; use if you:

  • want to easily implement distributed processes
  • dislike depending on central servers or the cloud
  • strive to offer users 100% application uptime
  • like remaining in control of your data and compute



Check out the following topics to learn the essentials of building, running, and deploying systems using Actyx.