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  • Actyx 2.16.2 (latest)2023-09-04T15:31:02Z
    Bug fix: sign android apks
  • Actyx 2.16.12023-07-25T08:59:54Z
    Bug fix: batch adding peer/address pairs to avoid overloading the store channel
  • Actyx 2.16.02023-07-14T15:48:59Z
    New feature: remove the v1 to v2 migration code
    New feature: implement support for event retention policies
    New feature: extend the admin protocol to support listing known topics
    New feature: extend the admin protocol to support deletion of non-active topic data
    New feature: add `appId(me)` as an alias for the requesting app’s ID
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Actyx Node Manager

  • Actyx Node Manager 2.12.0 (latest)2023-09-21T17:17:34Z
    New feature: event publication
  • Actyx Node Manager 2.11.02023-07-25T08:59:54Z
    New feature: add support for topic management
  • Actyx Node Manager 2.10.02023-01-25T16:58:55Z
    New feature: add “Search” card to find more nodes based on the currently added ones
    New feature: add editor for settings of all connected nodes
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Actyx CLI

  • Actyx CLI 3.2.0 (latest)2023-07-14T15:48:59Z
    New feature: allow listing known topics
    New feature: allow deleting non-active topic data
  • Actyx CLI 3.1.02022-11-16T11:28:46Z
    New feature: upgrade to faster streaming-response protocol for connections to Actyx node
  • Actyx CLI 3.0.02022-06-25T11:47:02Z
    Breaking change: clean up and extend JSON output of `ax events query`
    New feature: support new AQL features
    New feature: reading AQL query from a file or stdin
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