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  • Actyx 2.15.0 (latest)2022-12-07T17:12:02Z
    New feature: allow per-module logging configuration using RUST_LOG syntax
    New feature: add local view of swarm state to /api/v2/node/info endpoint
  • Actyx 2.14.12022-12-02T10:14:17Z
    Bug fix: make older NodeManager and CLI work again with new Actyx
    Bug fix: fix reason for WARN messages when replicating lots of data at once
  • Actyx 2.14.02022-11-16T11:28:46Z
    New feature: update to libp2p-0.49 to improve power consumption on mobile devices
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Actyx Node Manager

  • Actyx Node Manager 2.10.0 (latest)2023-01-25T16:58:55Z
    New feature: add “Search” card to find more nodes based on the currently added ones
    New feature: add editor for settings of all connected nodes
  • Actyx Node Manager 2.9.32022-12-19T11:18:26Z
    Bug fix: settings editor will now use all available space
  • Actyx Node Manager 2.9.22022-12-15T15:54:48Z
    Bug fix: upon startup problems, raise and report and exception instead of panicking
    Bug fix: create default user keypair upon startup if missing
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Actyx CLI

  • Actyx CLI 3.1.0 (latest)2022-11-16T11:28:46Z
    New feature: upgrade to faster streaming-response protocol for connections to Actyx node
  • Actyx CLI 3.0.02022-06-25T11:47:02Z
    Breaking change: clean up and extend JSON output of `ax events query`
    New feature: support new AQL features
    New feature: reading AQL query from a file or stdin
  • Actyx CLI 2.6.02022-02-04T09:48:16Z
    New feature: add color and terminal size detection to cmdline help
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Actyx Pond