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ax users keygen

Generate a new user key pair
USAGE:    ax users keygen [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]
FLAGS:    -h, --help       Prints help information    -j, --json       Format output as JSON    -V, --version    Prints version information    -v               Verbosity level. Add more v for higher verbosity                     (-v, -vv, -vvv, etc.)
OPTIONS:    -o, --output <output>    Path in which to save the private key. The public key will be generated in the same                             directory with the `.pub` suffix

Please see the following usage examples for the ax users keygen command:

Example Usage
# Generate a new user keys in default location$ ax users keygenGenerating public/private key pair ..Enter path in which to save the key (<OS-specific default path>/actyx/keys/users): Your private key has been saved at <OS-specific default path>/actyx/keys/users/idYour public key has been saved at <OS-specific default path>/actyx/keys/users/id.pubThe key's fingerprint is: 0WBOOWqi2Ub5SPi5btKN5H5BzFPcjyULwUKUN2dWVsMI=
# Generate a new swarm key, create file swarm.key and write the generated key to it$ ax users keygen -o mykeysGenerating public/private key pair ..Your private key has been saved at mykeysYour public key has been saved at mykeys.pubThe key's fingerprint is: 09a36bJYYYSusZuQoum6x2zgqtHxYP31ov0RHRWIzwVo=