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ax nodes inspect

Show node details and connections
USAGE:    ax nodes inspect [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <NODE>
FLAGS:    -h, --help       Prints help information    -j, --json       Format output as JSON    -V, --version    Prints version information    -v               Verbosity level. Add more v for higher verbosity (-v, -vv, -vvv, etc.)
OPTIONS:    -i, --identity <identity>    File from which the identity (private key) for authentication is read
ARGS:    <NODE>    the IP address or <host>:<admin port> of the node to perform the operation on

The output will show you:

  • PeerId: Peer ID of your node
  • SwarmAddrs: Addresses that the Swarm API bound to
  • AnnounceAddrs: Addresses that your node is announcing to other nodes for reaching its Swarm API (SwarmAddrs)
  • adminAddrs: Addresses that the Admin API bound to (for interaction with CLI or Node Manager)
  • Connections: List of active connections to peers, identified by peer ID and address
  • knownPeers: List of all peers, identified by peer ID and address, that your node knows
Example Usage
$ ax nodes inspect 12D3KooWSgvc3hzrsuExYazNDB1BU3gevUPTzaumnwHWv5yFBNzHSwarmAddrs:    /ip4/    /ip4/    /ip6/::1/tcp/4001AnnounceAddrs:    /ip4/    /ip4/| PEERID                                               | ADDRESS                                                                              |+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+| 12D3KooWSVZEwAqdcJEG2T3wR8CZZoneWFyPqpRsxSzVB3WLwtVt | /ip4/ |+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
Addresses:+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+| PEERID                                               | ADDRESS                                                                              |+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+| 12D3KooWSVZEwAqdcJEG2T3wR8CZZoneWFyPqpRsxSzVB3WLwtVt | /ip6/::1/tcp/4001/p2p/12D3KooWSVZEwAqdcJEG2T3wR8CZZoneWFyPqpRsxSzVB3WLwtVt           ||                                                      | /ip4/ ||                                                      | /ip4/     |+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
# Get the output as a JSON object$ ax -j nodes inspect | jq .{  "code": "OK",  "result": {    "peerId": "12D3KooWSgvc3hzrsuExYazNDB1BU3gevUPTzaumnwHWv5yFBNzH",    "swarmAddrs": [      "/ip4/",      "/ip4/",      "/ip6/::1/tcp/4001"    ],    "announceAddrs": [      "/ip4/"    ],    "adminAddrs": [      "/ip4/"    ]    "connections": [      {        "peerId": "12D3KooWSVZEwAqdcJEG2T3wR8CZZoneWFyPqpRsxSzVB3WLwtVt",        "addr": "/ip4/"      }    ],    "peers": [      {        "peerId": "12D3KooWSVZEwAqdcJEG2T3wR8CZZoneWFyPqpRsxSzVB3WLwtVt",        "addrs": [          "/ip6/::1/tcp/4001/p2p/12D3KooWSVZEwAqdcJEG2T3wR8CZZoneWFyPqpRsxSzVB3WLwtVt",          "/ip4/",          "/ip4/"        ]      }    ]  }}