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Generate your own app license


This guide is part of a series about running your own Actyx deployment in production. If you haven't done so, we strongly encourage you to read the previous guide!

If you're still testing Actyx or developing your application, set the node licensing to development in the node settings.

"licensing": {
"node": "development"

This guide will walk you through the process of licensing an app.

When running an Actyx node in production mode, your apps are required to be licensed and signed (see this guide on signing your app manifest for more information). This mechanism provides a more fine grained control over which apps are authorized to run on which nodes.

To generate an app license, we use ax-cert:

$ cd rust/actyx
$ cargo run --bin ax-cert -- app-license \
--actyx-private-key <path_to_your_actyx_private_key> \
--app-id \
--email '[email protected]' \
--expires-at '2024-11-28T12:00:00Z'


You can then use the license by setting it in your node settings:

"licensing": {
"apps": {
"": "v25saWNlbnNlVmVyc2lvbgBrbGljZW5zZVR5cGWhaGV4cGlyaW5nomVhcHBJZG9jb20uZXhhbXBsZS5hcHBpZXhwaXJlc0F0dDIwMjQtMTEtMjhUMTI6MDA6MDBaaWNyZWF0ZWRBdHgbMjAyMy0wOS0yMlQxMzowMTowOS43Njg0ODNaaXNpZ25hdHVyZXhYdEJFK2FIalhmMDdBaG9mVXMwMFdIcjBDZDJiaFBJbmRSY0x0OU5oYk9VN3hpWGFvMENrY0MzU000MEtSRytMcmhtWDhXdlhUdGJuTzB3QzZESWNYQmc9PWlyZXF1ZXN0ZXKhZWVtYWlscHNhbXBsZUBhY3R5eC5jb23"