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App-to-Node communication errors

Apps communicating with Actyx on Docker

By default, the SDK tries to connect to Actyx on localhost. If your Actyx and app container are not both using the host's networking directly via --network=host (only available on Linux), you therefore need to manually specify the host and the port to let the SDK know where to reach Actyx.

In the docker run command

When running your app container, you need to add the following flag:

-e AX_STORE_URI="<IP address of the Actyx container>:4454/api/v2

Running macOS or Windows?

On macOS or windows, you can just use host.docker.internal instead of the IP address of your Actyx container.

In a Docker Compose file

This is an exemplary docker-compose file:

version: "3.9"
image: actyx/actyx:2.0.1
privileged: true
- "4001:4001"
- "4454:4454"
- "4458:4458"
- actyx_data:/data
image: example-app
restart: always
- AX_STORE_URI=actyx:4454/api/v2
- actyx
actyx_data: {}

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