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Test network requirements

Actyx has several network requirements. For swarm communication, i.e. communication between nodes, port 4001 is used. You therefore need to verify connections over port 4001 TCP. The below examples assume that you are either executing the command directly from the node, or from another device in the same network:


In the below examples, we always check port 4001. Which of these ports you need to check depends on the issue you are debugging.

On Windows, you can use the telnet command to test TCP connections. If telnet is not already installed, run this command in PowerShell to install it:

install-windowsfeature "telnet-client"

After installing telnet, you can use PowerShell or the Command Prompt to test the connection by entering the IP and port of the node you want to test the connection to. Here is an example in which connection could not be established: