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Welcome to the Advanced Tutorial. You are going to learn advanced Actyx Pond programming concepts by implementing a simplified real-world production use case with the Actyx Platform.

This tutorial is divided into several sections:

  • Solution architecture
  • Getting started
  • Explore the apps
  • Next steps


We will cover a typical production use case in this tutorial. In this imaginary yet realistic factory setup we have a mobile app that creates production orders, a machine which can start and finish those orders and finally a dashboard app which can display informative production data.

What you need#

To understand the Advanced ActyxOS Tutorial, you should know the fundamentals of how to build an ActyxOS app using the Actyx Pond. This tutorial builds on skills taught in the ActyxOS Chat app tutorial. Specifically, you should know how to do the following:

  • Start ActyxOS in Development Mode
  • Configure node settings and run ActyxOS apps
  • Write a fish in the Actyx Pond framework

In addition, you will need:

  • A good understanding of TypeScript
  • A good understanding of React
  • an hour or two for completing this tutorial

What you'll learn#

  • How a real-world Actyx solution is implemented
  • What the building blocks of an Actyx app are
  • How to import order data into ActyxOS
  • How to integrate with machines
  • How to build dashboards and mobile apps with ActyxOS

What you'll do#

  • Explore the implementation of three different ActyxOS apps
  • Run ActyxOS apps in development mode on your machine
  • Import production order data into ActyxOS
  • Integrate a machine PLC with ActyxOS
Need support?

If you run into problems or want to give feedback, you are welcome to join our community forum, Discord chat or write us an e-mail to [email protected].