Getting Started

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Writing distributed apps is difficult. The Actyx Pond framework makes it simple.

The Actyx Pond is a highly opinionated framework for building always-available distributed apps on ActyxOS. It provides a programming model and system guarantees ideally suitable for use-cases requiring 100% availability. With this focus, the Actyx Pond can take care of concerns like eventual consistency, allowing you to concentrate on your business logic.


The Actyx Pond is available on npm. To install in your project run:

npm install @actyx/pond

To use the Actyx Pond features, then import as follows:

import { Pond } from '@actyx/pond'

ActyxOS and Actyx Pond in 10 minutes

Here is a video that Alex, one of our engineers, made explaining Actyx in 10 minutes.


Ask for help on our GitHub repository or Twitter or email [email protected]

Learn more

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