Rust SDK

Building apps in Rust and want to easily create and access data streams in your ActyxOS swarm? That's what we built the ActyxOS SDK for Rust for. The actyxos_sdk crate defines all necessary data types and provides Rust bindings for communicating with ActyxOS's Event Service API.


Add the following dependency to your Cargo.toml file:

actyxos_sdk = "~0.2"


Here is an example using the EventService client that retrieves some events. Please adapt the semantics to match your stored events in order to see output.

use actyxos_sdk::event_service::{EventService, EventServiceError, Order, Subscription};
use actyxos_sdk::semantics;
use futures::stream::StreamExt;
pub async fn main() -> Result<(), EventServiceError> {
// client for locally running ActyxOS Event Service
let service = EventService::default();
// retrieve largest currently known event stream cursor
let offsets = service.get_offsets().await?;
// all events matching the given subscription
// sorted backwards, i.e. youngest to oldest
let sub = vec![Subscription::wildcard(semantics!("MyFish"))];
let mut events = service
.query_upto(offsets, sub, Order::LamportReverse)
// print out the payload of each event
// (cf. Payload::extract for more options)
while let Some(event) = {
println!("{}", event.payload.json_value());


You can find the latest documentation for the Rust SDK on