Building apps in Javascript or Typescript and want to easily create and access data streams in your ActyxOS swarm? Or you want to log from your app to easily access logs using the Actyx CLI? That's what we built the ActyxOS SDK for Javascript/Typescript for. The @actyx/os-sdk package defines all necessary data types and provides bindings for communicating with ActyxOS's Event Service API and Console Service API.


Install with npm as follows:

npm install @actyx/os-sdk


Here is an example using the SDK to subscribe to an event stream:

import { Client, Subscription } from '@actyx/os-sdk'
const ActyxOS = Client()
subscriptions: Subscription.everything(),
onEvent: event => {
console.log(`got event: ${JSON.stringify(event)}`)

Here is how you would publish events:

import { Client, EventDraft } from '@actyx/os-sdk'
const ActyxOS = Client()
eventDrafts: EventDraft.make('mySemantics', 'myName', { foo: 'bar' }),
onDone: () => {

This is how you could log things from within your app:

import { Client } from '@actyx/os-sdk'
const ActyxOS = Client()
const logger: SimpleLogger = ActyxOS.consoleService.SimpleLogger({
logName: 'myLogger',
producerName: 'com.example.app1',
producerVersion: '1.0.0'
logger.debug('this is a DEBUG message')
logger.warn('this is a WARNING message')
logger.info('this is an INFO message')
logger.error('this is an ERROR message')
logger.debug('This is a message with additional data', {foo: 'bar'})


Check out the automatically generated Typedocs..