Creating Swarms

What's a swarm?

An ActyxOS swarm is a mesh of nodes communicating in a local network. A swarm may have 1 to N nodes in it.

A simple ActyxOS swarm

A swarm is defined by a single property, the so-called swarm key. In order to participate in a swarm, a node must have the secret swarm key. The swarm key is a setting that must be set for a node to function correctly.

Generate a swarm key

You can use the Actyx CLI to generate swarm keys:

$ ax swarms keygen
Generating swarm key, it might take some seconds...

Make a node join a swarm

Use the ax settings set command to provide a node with the swarm key.

Using the swarm key generated above as an example:

ax settings set --local com.actyx.os/general/swarmKey L2tleS9zd2FybS9wc2svMS4wLjAvCi9iYXNlMTYvCjZiNjkzNTQzNGM0Yzc5NjY2OTM4NTkzMjM0Njg0MTY5MzA3NzQ1NmU0MjVhMzk2ZDU3NmE3OTRmNTIzMTc3NTk= localhost

ActyxOS will automatically validate the format of the swarm key. If you provide an invalid swarm key, the ax settings set command will return an error.

Alternatively you can set the swarm key in a settings object that you pass to the node. See the example node settings from the quickstart guide.

Remove a node from a swarm

To remove a node from a swarm simply unset the relevant node setting as follows

ax settings unset --local com.actyx.os/general/swarmKey localhost