ActyxOS can be installed on either Docker or Android.

Installing on Android

ActyxOS on Android is publicly available in the Google Play store. Just open the Google Play store on your device, search for ActyxOS and install it.

In order to run ActyxOS on your Android device, it must:

  • run Android 6.0 or above
  • have at least 2GB of RAM

Installing on Docker

In order to install ActyxOS on a Docker host you will need to have a working installation of Docker (see the installation documentation).

ActyxOS is published on DockerHub, so start the image as follows:

docker run -it --rm -v actyxos-data:/data --privileged -p 4001:4001 -p 4457:4457 actyx/os

Since --network=host is not supported on Windows or Mac we have to explicitly expose the needed network ports. This is also true of any ports your apps may want to expose, you’d need to add them to this list.

ActyxOS should now be running in your Docker environment.

Communicate with the node

In order to check on its status and interact with the node, you need to download the Actyx CLI (ax or ax.exe) from and add it to your path.

You can then check on your ActyxOS node:

ax nodes ls --local <DEVICE_IP>

Please refer to the Actyx CLI documentation for installation instructions or to learn more about using the Actyx CLI.


If you want to try out ActyxOS by deploying some sample apps, please take a look at the Quickstart Guide.


Ask for help on our GitHub repository or Twitter or email [email protected]

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