ActyxOS is currently available on Android and Docker. A Beta release for ActyxOS on Windows is also available.

Installing on Android

ActyxOS on Android is publicly available in the Google Play store. Just open the Google Play store on your device, search for ActyxOS and install it.

In order to be able to run ActyxOS on Android, your device needs to meet the following requirements:

For further information regarding ActyxOS on Android please start here.

Installing on Docker

In order to install ActyxOS on Docker you will need to have a working installation of Docker on your host. You can find Docker installation instructions here.

Production mode

ActyxOS on Docker is published on DockerHub. To download and run the latest version in production mode execute the following command.

docker run -it --rm -v actyxos-data:/data --privileged -p 4001:4001 -p 4457:4457 actyx/os

Since --network=host is not supported on Windows and Mac we have to explicitly forward the needed network ports. This is also true of any ports your apps may want to expose, you’d need to add them to this list.

Development mode

If you want to run ActyxOS on Docker in development mode, for example because you want to test an ActyxOS application locally without deploying, please use the following command instead. This way all the needed ActyxOS services are also exposed on localhost of the host.

docker run --name actyxos -it --rm -e AX_DEV_MODE=1 -v actyxos-data:/data --privileged -p 4001:4001 -p 4457:4457 -p -p actyx/os

In development mode we additionally need to forward ports 4454 and 4243 to expose the Event Service and the Actyx Pond WebSocket endpoint.

For further information regarding ActyxOS on Docker please start here.

Installing on Windows

Beta version only for development purposes

ActyxOS on Windows is currently in public Beta and should not be used in production environments.

You can download an installer for ActyxOS on Windows on the downloads page. After opening the installer, you are guided through the setup process.

For further information regarding ActyxOS on Windows please start here.

Required ports

ActyxOS currently requires five ports to operate. Before starting ActyxOS make sure that these ports are not already in use by another program.

  • 4001 - Used for internode communication
  • 4243 - Exposes a WebSocket endpoint for the Actyx Pond (only on localhost)
  • 4454 - Exposes the Event Service (only on localhost)
  • 4457 - Exposes the Console Service
  • 8080 - Exposes an IPFS Gateway (only on localhost)

The following ports are reserved for future use. The services exposed there are currently still in alpha testing.

  • 4455
  • 4458

Communicate with the node

In order to check on its status and interact with the node, you need to download the Actyx CLI (ax or ax.exe) from and add it to your path.

You can then check on your ActyxOS node:

ax nodes ls --local <DEVICE_IP>

Please refer to the Actyx CLI documentation for installation instructions or to learn more about using the Actyx CLI.


If you want to try out ActyxOS by deploying some sample apps, please take a look at the Quickstart Guide.


During development

You are free to use ActyxOS for development. Please set the ActyxOS license in your node settings to development. The same applies for app keys.

Running in production

You may only run ActyxOS in production if you have purchased and own a valid license for every production node (i.e. installation of ActyxOS) as stated in the Actyx Software License Agreement. The same applies for running apps in production; you must have purchased and own a valid app key.

For more information about pricing check out our website. Please contact our sales team if you would like to purchase ActyxOS licenses or ActyxOS App Keys.


Ask for help on our GitHub repository or Twitter or email [email protected].

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