Using Visual Studio Code for settings schema validation

With the ActyxOS node settings schema or any other JSON Schema of one of your apps, you can automatically validate your settings in Visual Studio Code while you write them. This is how you setup the automatic validation:

1. Install the YAML extension

You can install the extension this directly in Visual Studio Code. Just navigate to Extensions, search for the YAML extension and install it.

2. Configure your Visual Studio Code extension

First, go to settings and then search for "schema" and click on "Edit in settings.json" to configure the extension.

In the settings.json file, add the following to validate all files ending in node.yml against the ActyxOS node settings schema :

"yaml.schemas": {
"": "node.yml",

You can also use JSON schemas from your local machine and add another JSON schema for your app:

"yaml.schemas": {
"./node-settings-schema.json": "node.yml",
"./sapconnector-settings-schema.json": "sapconnector.yml",