The ActyxOS Node Manager provides an easy-to-use GUI to interact with ActyxOS nodes. It provides the following features:

  • Connect to your local or remote ActyxOS nodes via their IP addresses
  • Get an overview of your node's settings, license and connection status at one glance
  • Get more insights into your node's performance by accessing log messages
  • Validate your app manifests
  • Bundle your app directory into a deployable package
  • Deploy and undeploy your docker or web apps to your ActyxOS nodes
  • Validate your node and app settings against their respective JSON schema
  • Configure your node and app settings
  • Generate a swarm key

To learn more, check out our detailed functionality overview


You can download the ActyxOS Node Manager on our downloads page at www.downloads.actyx.com. We currently support Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Installing on macOS

Upon installing the ActyxOS Node Manager on macOS, you will need to make a change in your security settings because Actyx is not yet listed as an Apple developer.

  1. Click OK on the initial prompt after opening Node Manager for the first time.

  2. Go to the Security & Privacy section in your System Preferences application and click on Open Anyway.

  3. Finally, open Node Manager again and click Open when prompted with another dialogue.