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Get a developer certificate

You need a developer certificate for signing an app manifest. This guide shows you how to obtain one.

no need to sign during development

During testing or development, you can just use the app ID com.example.* which does not require a signature in order to interact with Actyx. Check out this guide for more information on signing apps.

If you want to receive a developer certificate, please enter your e-mail address in this form and we will send you one within 24 hours.

Your developer certificate is linked to the domain name of your e-mail address. You can therefore only use it for signing app manifests with an app ID that matches your reverse domain name. For example, if your e-mail address was [email protected], you could use the certificate for signing app manifests with app IDs starting withcom.actyx..

For more information on authentication and authorization, please refer to our conceptual guide.