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Installation and startup errors

This page lists common installation and startup errors and solutions for them. If you face different issues, please contact us in our Discord chat or open an issue in our community forum.

Startup errors#

ActyxOS uses a few IP ports for node communication and internal services. In order for ActyxOS to run flawlessly, please make sure that the following ports are free:

  1. 4001: Used for inter-node communication

  2. 4243: Exposes a WebSocket endpoint for Actyx Pond (only on localhost)

  3. 4454: Exposes the Event Service (only on localhost)

  4. 4457: Used for communication with the Actyx CLI or Node Manager

  5. 8080: Exposes an IPFS Gateway (only on localhost)

Installation errors on Windows#

If you receive the following error during installation, please close the Windows Event Viewer and press Retry:


Did not find what you were looking for?#

If you couldn't a solution to your problem, please don't hesitate to contact us in our community forum or on our Discord server. We'll do our best to get back to you with answers as fast as possible.