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Configure announced addresses

You need to configure the announceAddresses settings if you are running ActyxOS on Docker without network=host and your bootstrap node is not running in the same local network as your other nodes.

This is inherent in Docker, as a container has no access to the IP address of its host unless it is running with network=host. Therefore, you have to manually configure the address that your nodes are announcing via the announceAddress property in the node settings:

announceAddress: # Manually configured addresses to announce
- /ip4/
# These must be multiaddresses, i.e. ip4/<YOUR_IP>/tcp/4001

You can configure it by using the Actyx CLI or the Node Manager. The following examples assume that the IP address of your Docker node is

You can use the output from above and ax settings set to configure it:

ax settings set --local com.actyx/swarm/announceAddresses [/ip4/] localhost