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Access logs

In general, there are 2 ways to access Actyx logs. You can either use Actyx tools, or you can directly access them on your host.


You can only use the Actyx CLI and Node Manager to access logs once Actyx has successfully started. If you are investigating startup errors, you need to access logs directly from your host.

Use the ax logs tail command to get the logs of a node:

ax logs tail --local

If you want to specify how many logs ax logs tail should return, or just want to follow logs as they are created, check our reference documentation for usage examples.

Use bash to automate collection of logs

If you are familiar with bash, you can use it to automate the collection of logs:

for ip in <IP address list>; do ax logs tail --all-entries --local $ip > $ip.log; done`

As you can see in the above snippet, this will collect all log entries and save them in one file per node.

Check our reference documentation for usage examples.