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Migrate bootstrap nodes

This guide explains how to migrate bootstrap nodes. Please note that this guide is only relevant to you if you used a dedicated bootstrap node that was not running apps and emitting events.

If you used a "normal" node as a bootstrap node, you can directly continue to the next guide on migrating production nodes as you need to migrate it the same way as all other nodes.

Actyx v2 does not offer a dedicated image for nodes that facilitate discovery–previously called bootstrap nodes–anymore. Instead, you can just use a normal node and deploy it as a so-called discovery helper node in v2 production deployments. In order to migrate your bootstrap node, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your bootstrap node
  2. Deploy a discovery helper node as described in this guide

Now that your discovery helper node is running, you can start to migrate your production nodes. Please bear in mind that you need to remove the address of the old bootstrap node from your nodes' settings.