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observeOne() Behavior

observeOne is a variant of observeAll that is useful when you are looking for one specific Fish.

From the events selected by seedEventSelector: Where<F>, one will be chosen to pass to makeFish: (seedEvent: F) => Fish<S, any> and spawn the Fish. The Fish is then observed and its state passed to the callback: (newState: S) => void whenever it changes.

For a general introduction to observeOne, read our blog post.

This document aims to give some more detail.

Deduplication and Caching#

From the events yielded by seedEventSelector: Where<F>, only one is chosen, even if more match. Application code must not rely on a specific one being chosen.

The Fish created by makeFish is checked against the Pond’s internal cache of Fish, like all Fish are: So if makeFish returns a Fish with a fishId that is already known to the Pond – even if that Fish was woken via observe or observeAll rather than observeOne – the previously cached Fish will be used.

Subscriptions of the Fish#

Same as for observeAll, the Fish returned by makeFish can subscribe to events that are actually older than its seed event. The seed event is still logically the first, since the whole Fish is built from it.