Actyx Platform Products

Actyx Platform Products Overview

The Actyx platform itself comprises several products and tools. The following sections provide an overview of the most important ones.


At the core of the Actyx platform is a piece of software that we call ActyxOS. Every device in your setup that you want to connect runs the ActyxOS application; Currently ActyxOS can be deployed on Docker and Android. ActyxOS provides the application runtimes to easily deploy and run your application logic on the edge devices, an event streaming service for seamless communication between different devices, and additional middleware services around storage and deployment management.

It is possible to write your application logic directly on the middleware that ActyxOS provides by using the ActyxOS APIs or language specific SDKs. However, we usually recommend to start writing your solutions with Actyx Pond which builds on top of ActyxOS.

To learn more about the specific services that ActyxOS provides and how you can start using it please start here.

Actyx Pond

Actyx Pond is an opinionated software framework that is built on top of the ActyxOS event streaming service. Currently Actyx Pond is only available in TypeScript but other languages are coming soon, starting with C#. With Actyx Pond, we make it easier for you to write correct event-driven applications that run across different devices in your deployment.

At the core of Actyx Pond lies a powerful programming model which guarantees eventually consistent business logic in a completely decentralized environment without central coordination. This implies that you can write applications that keep making progress in the face of network partitions or intermittent network failure but eventually converge to a consistent result once changes are propagated.

To learn more about the Actyx Pond programming model and how you can start writing solutions on top of Actyx Pond please start here.

Actyx CLI

The Actyx Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool for managing your ActyxOS nodes and apps. It enables you to easily deploy, configure and monitor your ActyxOS environment.

You can find more documentation on the capabilities of the Actyx CLI here.

ActyxOS Node Manager

The ActyxOS Node Manager is an easy-to-use GUI for interacting with your ActyxOS environment. With it you can monitor your ActyxOS nodes, deploy applications and manage node and application settings without needing to use a terminal.

You can find further information on the ActyxOS Node Manager here.