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New Offset Diagnostics

· 2 min read

Local-first software is magical in that it almost always works — at least locally. With Actyx this is possible because Actyx is partition tolerant, i.e. a network issue does not immediately take everything down.

This also means that twins and applications aren't always in sync. And sometimes it can get a little tricky understanding where nodes stand with regard to synchronizing with each other.

That is why we are now releasing Offset Diagnostics in the Actyx Node Manager.


Actyx Node Manager 2.4.0 introduces two new features to help you better understand what is happening:

  • Find out which event streams a node has synchronized, and up to where.
  • Easily see how event synchronization is progressing in a swarm of nodes.
Offsets... what do you mean?

If you aren't familiar with event streams or offsets, have a look at the Event Streams Guide.

Which event streams does my node know?

A new tab called Offsets is now available on the Node Details screen. This shows all event streams known by the node as well as the current offsets:

Offset details for each node

Additionally, the number of events the node knows it must get, but hasn't gotten yet is also shown where applicable.

How about the swarm as a whole?

Under the Diagnostics screen a new tab called Offset Matrix is now available. This shows a matrix of all nodes configured in the Node Manager:

An example offset matrix in the Actyx Node Manager

Each row of the matrix shows how many events a node holds from all other connected nodes.

The color of the cells reflects the level of synchronization. A red cell would imply a large number of missing events, whereas a green cell means the node is completely up to date.

Requires Actyx 2.1.0

This functionality is only available from nodes running Actyx 2.1.0 and above. If you connect to a node running an older version, you will see the following notice:

Notice when offsets aren't support by the Actyx version

Questions or suggestions

We developed this feature based on user feedback. If you have questions or further suggestions, please don't hesitate to post in our Community Forum.