ActyxOS 1.1.0 Released

Today, we are proud to announce the release of ActyxOS 1.1.0! With this release, we bring you significant performance improvements, many, many bug fixes and a couple of awesome features that will make working with ActyxOS an even better experience.

ActyxOS on Linux


We are excited to announce that with this release, ActyxOS now runs natively on Linux as a public beta version. Instead of having to use ActyxOS on Docker, you can now simply download the Linux binary from our downloads website and install it like you would install any other Linux application. For a more detailed guide on ActyxOS on Linux, please check out our advanced guide for Linux.

Other improvements and bug fixes

This release also brings a lot of usability, performance and stability improvements around our core ActyxOS infrastructure which makes ActyxOS easier to use and more robust. For example, now your ActyxOS nodes do not require settings upon initial startup anymore. Instead, the new settings schema now provides default settings for all required values. For a more detailed summary of all new features, improvements and bug fixes, please refer to our release notes.

Get started with Actyx

If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to us via email, twitter, or discord. We are always happy to help you!