Pond 2.4.0 Released

Benjamin Sieffert

Benjamin Sieffert

Distributed Systems Engineer at Actyx

Today we are proud to announce the release of Pond version 2.4.0 on npm.

This release contains the following improvements:

  • Improved exception handling capabilities
  • observeAll – "Seed event" has succeeded "first event" terminologically. expireAfterFirst has been renamed to expireAfterSeed
  • observeAll – The makeFish function is now allowed to return undefined, in order to ignore a given seed event
  • Fixed an issue where moving a complex structure from an event into Fish state and later modifying that state could lead to data corruption
  • Improved memory usage and time travel performance in some cases

On a related note, we have added technical documentation for observeAll and observeOne.

Happy hacking!