Pond 2.3.0 Released

Benjamin Sieffert

Benjamin Sieffert

Distributed Systems Engineer at Actyx

Today we are proud to announce the release of Pond version 2.3.0 on npm.

This release contains the following improvements:

  • Addition of observeAll and observeOne functions to the Pond – see our dedicated blog post
  • Pond.dispose() will now properly shut down all async operations, so that applications may terminate orderly
  • Fixed a bug where command serialization between subsequent calls to Pond.run() was broken if the argument Fish was originally woken by Pond.observe()
  • Turn Pond.test() and Pond.mock() into synchronous functions
  • Direct validation of arguments passed to FishId.of() – the strings must not be empty
  • If the enqueue function passed to pond.run() callbacks is invoked after the callback has returned, it will now throw an error rather than silently fail to emit
  • Support for nodejs 12 (LTS Erbium)

Happy hacking!