ActyxOS 1.0.0 Released

Dr. Roland Kuhn

Dr. Roland Kuhn

CTO and co-founder of Actyx

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of ActyxOS 1.0.0 today! After extensive testing we find this foundational product to be fit for general production use. Together with Actyx Pond 2.1.0, Actyx CLI 1.0.0, and Actyx NodeManager 1.0.2, this marks the general availability of the Actyx Platform.

The above software products are the culmination point of 4.5 years of hard work of everyone at Actyx. It is the essence distilled from bringing software onto the shop-floor of factories across Europe and the Americas, bundling our experience in sales & marketing, engineering, and product design that we made on this path. We started out with consulting and tailored software engineering services for midsize factories in the German-speaking region, then unified the application to recurring use-cases in reusable apps, and finally built out the required infrastructure for creating, deploying, and operating such apps. The result has been validated with more than 100 external developers and is currently running on more than 300 devices in 15 factories.

This approach has led to ActyxOS, a fully distributed middleware that is perfectly suited to host apps and mediate the communication between them. It is purpose-built to allow your apps to be as reliable as paper plus all the benefits of digital data collection and communication. It is geared towards the easiest possible roll-out by requiring no central infrastructure apart from a local area network.

Now it is your turn to take this new tool and revisit all the use-cases you previously wanted to solve but couldn’t, due to incompatible infrastructure requirements or unattainable demands for reliability and availability.

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